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Cycle Life

History of Cycling


The Great War and the Anfield Bicycle Club

Royal Jubilee 1935: CTC's round Britain ride

Rough Stuffing in the 1940s

CTC Winged Wheels - illustrated history of vintage cycling signs

1929 Liverpool Cycling Tragedy

The Pickwick Bicycle Club

The Tragic Story of Owen Josua Smith

Lawrence Fletcher: influential pioneer cyclist

Liverpool: The rich cycling history of the European Capital of culture

A Right Royal Ocasion - 1935 Style

Dickinson Cycles of Liverpool

Wayfarer - rough stuff pioneer

Memories of the 1978 CTC Centenary

National Cycle Museum - a gravestone with a cycling history       

A Liverpudlians' North Wales Tour 1893

City Traffic Congestion - a 1935 vision

Lady Bagot's Drive - a hidden gem

Overcoming Disability through Cycling

Have a heart, you drivers

How Cycling and a heart pacemaker helped return Paul to fitness

Help Defeat Prostate Cancer

Derek Clark's Story - Cycling back to good health


Pedalling to Mobility - and good health

Cyclists & the Visually Impaired

The Tom Wells Story

Overcoming Disability by Bike - Shaun Murray's Story

Overcoming Disability - Helen's Story

Cycling after a Heart Attack


Don Hale - a remarkable story


See also: Gallery page 2, page 8, page 9, page 18, page 20

Campaign Issues

Access to the Countryside

Cyclists' Safety - Does Government Care?

Lon Eifion Needs to be Extended

Hedge cutting - cycling's annual torment

Civilized Streets?


What Price a Lane of Bluebells?

Roadside debris and the cyclist  

Sustrans Rangers

Challenge for Cycling - the enemy within

Cycling Routes designed by Bogie Man

Anglesey - a Tale of 2 Cycling Leaflets

Tribalism and Designing for the Bicycle

Promenade Cycling

Why We Must Give Up Flying

A Licence to Kill

Cycle Path Design - the good and the iffy

Recalling a Commons Debate on cycling

Cycle Helmets: a closer look at a controversial subject

Does the national cycle network live up to expectations?

Postmen & Bikes

Lon Clwyd Not Forgotten or Where cyclists rule the world

Motorists, not cyclists, are the dangerous lawbreakers

Cycle Touring

Eco Guest House

Cycling The High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Top Brass Sets an Example

Tim Cunningham on the Differences of Cycling Abroad and in the UK


Heinz Stücke – A Man and His Bike

Know a café worth recommending

Welsh Highland Light Railway - a ticket to cycle

Cycling Wales - Wendy's Way

The North Wales Coast - Cycling the Brompton Way: Llandudno   (photos) 

Santa Monica to Llandudno - an American's Cycling Vision

Pedalling Bottom Gear to the top in the Himalayas


From Groningen to the UK: a Dutch cyclist finds a different world - and culture

End to End - a Canadian view

Cycling Mont Ventoux: Appointment with a Legend

A Cycle Trip to North Wales - a German perspective

Cycle the World in 80 Weeks

Russian CTC organises Golden Tour of Russia for foreigners

A Load of Polders - A Trip to the Low Countries

Cycling in France on a tandem


Cycling for Mercy Ships




When the German song ‘Lorelei’ was forbidden

Video Cameras Advice Sheet

The Greatest Welsh Hero - Owain Glyn Dwr?

Cycling Etiquette

Cycle Chic

A Christmas Message 2011

Death of Mystery Cyclist, 1898, and Bethesda's Kindness

Charley the Young Wonder Cyclist

The Sun Inn - a rare surviving parlour inn

CTC Eryri Welcomes an American for a Day

Great Cycling Video Clips

Thomas Telford and The Road to Holyhead: illustrated description of the building of an engineering masterpiece

The River Gowy: fascinating account of its course and history

Cycle Helmets - What's going on inside the head - paranoia?

A Poignant RoadPeace Sculpture in Liverpool

A Brief Interlude with an Extraordinary Tricycle

Ann's Story as a land army girl who now time trials on a tandem

Frank Patterson - consummate cycling artist

Ghost Bikes - an appeal for protection and justice on the road

Triathlon - Claire's story

Nether Frumpton Cycling Strategy 1938 style

Bob Clift: Chester Cycle Tourist 1937-1003

Medics Take their own Medicine

Deganwy's Lone Rider

Happy Christmas


See Rides & Routes for links to info and pictures of various cycleways in North Wales

Rotary & Cycling - Living Heartbeats

Rough Stuff Cycling

Golfers & Cyclists - the common touch?

A Chance Encounter

Wayside Gems - submit your own favourite photos of signs etc.

Presthaven Sands Goes Cycling

Bike Lighting

Liability Insurance for Cyclists etc - CTC can arrange

National Circuit Championships come to Llandudno

Two Celebrations in Tandem

Your Missing Link

Startling New Helmet Technology

Why Cyclists are reluctant to stop